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Enchanted By Sewing The Podcast

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ench By Sew-34:Sewing with the Flow - Fairy Inspired

This month’s show is Fairy Inspired… Fairy Gardens that is– where my sewing (like my gardening)  knows,  It’s the Story that makes it.

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Enchanted by Sewing IS, An  EXTENSION OF my regular sewing blog - Me Encanta Coser, which,  roughly translated means, Enchanted By Sewing 

My blog is written in English. The name celebrates the historical and modern use of the beautiful Spanish Language in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, where I live
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 I was feeling pretty serious about my sewing when I got back into town last month. I was thinking that any day I’d get on with some serious pattern drafting work.

Well, I haven’t! As a matter of fact whenever I thought about doing intense pattern work – either drafting or pattern alteration – I just found something else to do. And, as this has been an unusually busy summer for me, both professionally and personally, it was easy to put sewing off.

Finally I just quit worry about what I’d planned to do, and responded to materials and projects that were singing out to me from the bins over my machine. And I was, once more, reminded of Lori Van Monnans’s advice to ‘sew forth now’.

Sometimes you just gotta sew. By just responding to what I had on hand, I was working on getting in some summer garment essentials. They were essential because there items I really use at this time of year, and also essential to my happiness. It doesn’ t always matter whether I’m carrying through on garments I blue sky about. What matters is that I respond to my essential need to sew because, sewing enchants me.

In this month’s show

1) Recent summer essential sewing – Journaling about what’s useful additions I’ve sewn for my summer armoire.

Lucy Locket's Mobile Pocket Bag -

A new Tapestry Cap -

Enchanted by Sewing(Aug 2014) Capping Off Summer - Creating a simple pattern for, and sewing a cap

-Singing the Blues Tee - Pattern drafted from my moulage

- Rose Embellished Straight Skirt - Pattern drafted from my sloper

2) Technicos: Techniques I used to complete My Rose Embellished Denim Straight Skirt – Sloper to Pattern, and embellishment techniques

Enchanted By Sewing Show (May 2015) Parlez Vous French Pattern Drafting ?

3) Fairy Gardens Inspire My Sewing
Whether gardening or sewing – it’s the story that makes the creation

Postcard from California - How to Invite Fairies to Live in your Garden - A Fairy Garden Tutorial

Postcard from California - There are Fairies at the Bottom of My Garden - CA patio garden that is

Both these Disney Garden books inspire my theme gardening style. I like the tabbed-cookbook style of DISNEY'S GARDENING WITH MICKEY when I want to quickly review the steps for creating a hanging basket or well illustrated how-tos for small topiaries. (There's lots of good info for larger topiaries and garden sculpting as well - I just haven't tried it out) In addition, there is good gardening (yard or pots) basic techniques as well as many recommendations for plants that work well for specific themes and temperatures. I highly recommend it, because I have used it a lot over a period of several years.

I also turn regularly to my Secrets of Disney's Glorious Gardens book. It has a lot of similar techniques and information as DISNEY'S GARDENING WITH MICKEY and it also has lovely, lovely photos that inspire me. So when I want to sit down and just get ideas for themes or gardening styles, I pour through the photos in this book.

Wegman's Nursery in Redwood City has regular Fairy Garden Classes!

Fairy magic is definitely adding a little more enchantment to my life, when it comes to gardening.
And ….It’s also given me a better understanding of how to keep my sewing enchanting.


  1. I have just found your podcast and blogs. I am downloading the podcasts and listening to them in order. I'm not sure why I'm so adamant about the order, but want to get the feel of the growth of your podcast. I had to look ahead to make sure you hadn't disappeared. I am enjoying meeting you through these mediums and hope to catch up soon.

  2. Hey Erica! I'm so pleased you've found the 'cast. I agree - I always listen to folks I've just found in order. And I also check them out to make sure they are still casting :-) I'm interested to know what clicks for you with show topics.

  3. Hi Laurel:
    Your podcasts keep getting better and better! The latest one is behind a major sewing breakthrough for me. I have been sewing for over 15 years and have so far avoided using zippers. Then in your latest podcast you described putting in a zipper “two rectangles with a zipper in between and sew down the sides….” The way you described it encouraged me so much that I knew I had to try. Tonight I bought two zippers and am going to make a couple of zipper pouches for my daughter. You really have a knack for explaining techniques without visual aids--that is a real gift. Also, your discussion about clothes that don’t fit our lives was so insightful and very helpful and sensible. I also really enjoy hearing about your travels. Thank you for podcasting. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that and enjoy your style and flow. Best regards, Lisa from Boise, Idaho

  4. Oh Lisa, thank you! I'm glad you feel I'm doing a good job on describing techniques with all audio - because that's a goal of mine. I think it relates to an experience I had describing a museum field trip to an unsighted classmate a few years back. I really like the challenge of putting it all into words.

    I was thinking about zippers as I finished sewing my new dress I"m wearing tonight, and thinking I would describe how I sewed it in a 'cast focused on this frock- I was a little hesitant since it's not an invisible zipper or a lapped, just very basic with hand prick stitching, but it's what I like. Your comments inspired me to do that. I'm not sure if it will be the August or September podcast, but if you see a refence to "Fiona - the Irish Laurel Dress" that will be the show, and I will talk about zippers in Technicos.

    Thanks so much for writing.


    Also you make me think it would be good to blog a little more on techniques involed in making mobile pocket bags.