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Monday, November 19, 2012

Episode 003: The Lady Wears Trousers - Show Notes

The Podcast Episode 003: The Lady Wears Trousers, has been published in the iTunes Store :-)

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• This show is an extension of my regular sewing blog - Me Encanta Coser - which roughly translated means Enchanted By Sewing. My blog is written in English. The name celebrates the historical and modern use of the beautiful Spanish Language in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, where I live.

Please let me know, by posting belowif you find any links I mentioned in the show,  missing from this posting. I find getting all the links in challenging!

November Show Links for Episode 003: The Lady Wears Trousers

• Reflections on trouser-wearing ladies in past, recent and modern times including Marie Antoinette, Katherine Hepburn and Doris Day, as well as Laurel's own memories of changing cultural attitudes over what constitutes ladylike attire.

• Discussion of trouser patterns used by the hostess, ideas for sewing fabric and thread belt loops, and specialized techniques for creating in-seam pockets.

• Includes a lively interview-conversation with Sally-Ann, another student in the Cañada Fashion Sewing Program.

Patterns (Golly, they are all McCalls this month.)
My favorite elastic waist
pants pattern is out of print
But many web resellers carry it
I make my full-length courderoy
version by cutting it longer
o  McCalls 2791 is my Tried and True (TNT)/ Old Favorite Pants Pattern. It's no longer in print but many resellers carry it on the web

o  The Trouser and Shorts Patterns with fly-front zipper and front tucks (also a version with no tucks) I really like, is  McCalls 6403 The original pattern has two tucks, but I sew them with one larger tuck instead.

o  McCalls 2260 is a great classic Vest pattern


* The Inseam Pockets Checklist has  photos that show stayed and leashed pockets

* Thread Belt Loops: Suzanne Beaubien from MyBeauBaby shows you how to make thread belt loops. I love making these now! Just made another set last night, after finishing off the podcast :-)

I take sewing classes in the Cañada College Fashion Department, Redwood City, California