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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Terminado! A Quick Tapestry Cap

In this months (end of JulyEnchanted by Sewing audio podcast, I've  mentioned this cap as one of the "sooner" sewing projects I plan to get to. Here I am not having published the podcast, but already having the cap done! That's a nice feeling, even at a time when I'm praising myself for slow sewing (more about that in the upcoming podcast). I'm glad to say this cap project was a much quicker one than my Amaryllis blouse. I cut it out in one session, and took two more sessions to sew it up. I used a tapestry style remnant and lined it with some black cotton scrap I had on hand. I cut the lining on the bias and simply cut it the width of the two strips that make up the outside of the cap (plus a little extra so that I could cover up the raw edge of the crown.

I have a bigger than normal women's head size, so standard caps always look squished on me. I can get away with an adjustable baseball cap, but I don't like them nearly as well as the pretty ones I can make myself. Also this cap pattern fits low on the head and protects my skin and eyes from the elements better than a regular baseball cap.

This is the third cap I've made from the first of the One Yard Wonders books. I wear the other two caps everyday, every time I work in the yard or go anywhere. They make me feel much more confident that I'm protecting my skin from sun damage. Yes, I also use moisturizer with SPF 50!  

My other two caps are really showing their age. You bet that before I retire them I'll be making more. 

Being able to sew caps that fit my actual head size, and having them provide better sun protection too, is the kind of thing that keeps me...
Enchanted by Sewing!

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