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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ench By Sew-14 Marie Antoinette Meets Betty Crocker (Aprons)

A little time travel, and a little technique is just what this sewist needs for holiday creations 
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Apronology – Or Marie Antoinette Meets Betty Crocker

A good time of year to consider how rethinking of women’s societal roles and life choices has affected attitudes towards the use of aprons. Free apron pattern download and discussion of sewing techniques.

Porque Aprons? – Why study the social and technical science of apron creation in late November? (In some years Ramadan occurs in December. Due to the lunar and Julian calendar's not being in sync, that won't/didn't happen this year).

Marie Antoinette Meets Betty Crocker – How and why I got inspired to start making and wearing aprons, kinda late in life and despite strong family concerns about what apron wearing symbolized!

Technicos –A basic free download 3 Apron style pattern on the web. How I create and sew  my favorite style  apron

- Threads Three Free Apron Pattern Download

- Variety of vintage and other aprons that may inspire your own apron designs

Final Pensamientos - The Red Headed Chicken Apron
Aprons can tie into representing and reminding us of the emotions involved in a friendship.


  1. Another interesting podcast! Have you ever heard of making aprons from men's shirts? I was thinking that once your husband's nightshirts have holes in the elbows, you could turn the fronts into aprons.

    1. I have never heard of that! It certainly sounds like something my foremothers probably did - before my own mother, that is, who as I shared in the podcast is never caught dead sewing or wearing an apron!

      Thank you for sharing that tidbit :-)