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Monday, January 21, 2013

Ench-005-By The Powers inVESTed in Me, Vests and Tutus

This is my new
 double flannel Birdie Vest
More about fabric and stitching
Hey, have you heard the big news in the sewing world? The latest and greatest Enchanted By Sewing podcast has hit the streets with it's January Show: Vests and Tutus!

Listen to the podcast online by clicking here, or.... do what the Cool Cats do and Drop By the iTunes store to Download

Below are some web links related to 
the January episode.

A Nod to Vests in History
In The Scarlet Pimpernel, one of my favorite classic romance stories, Sir Percy Blakney wore vests (He called them waistcoats and it sounded like weskits). You can download a free text or audio book version of this public domain work from Librivox.

McCalls Vest 2260

Connie Crawford for Butterick 5473
Folkwear Tibetan Panel Coat/Vest

Tutus versus Tofu
The Nureyev Exhibit at
the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park
Runs through mid February 2013

I sew to create my own look, so I don't want to recreate the picture on the front of the pattern envelope. As a sewist, I also don't want to be inspired, by overly affected by, other people's designs. So, it's a good thing I didn't see this video, which focuses on the Lilac Fairies costume before Larissa encountered that exact garment in my e-book novella My Heart Beats Faster in Past Times. If I had, I wouldn't have been able to get caught up imagining my own version. But now, I can just get a kick out of seeing what somebody who created the real deal came up with.

Recreating a Tutu's Splendor | Theme and Variations

A great youtube video by the costume shop at the NYC Ballet. I first saw this at the Nureyev exhibit at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco

Wikipedia describes several different styles of tutus and explains more about how they are constructed.

Interview: Jewels - Behind the Costumes

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  1. There are so many aspects of life that can be categorized as tofu or tutus! What a great way to look at the world!